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[2006-10-31] Web 2.0: IBM as a Host
IT Analyst James Governor from RedMonk has a posting about what IBM needs to do to get more involved in the web 2.0 world.

[2006-10-17] Why APIs?
Given that I helped start the Yahoo! Developer Network and once again spend my days (and some nights) working on it, you should not be shocked to know that I think APIs are pretty important.

[2006-10-17] .NET String internal pool
The CLR can optimize string management by maintaining an internal pool of string values known as an intern pool for each .NET application.

[2006-10-09] Pew: Web 2.0 Is Web 1.0
Pew Internet and American Life Project released a six-page analysis of Web 2.0, attempting to define, exactly, what types of Internet applications the phrase covers. The end result: like porn, we know Web 2.0 when we see it; and Web 2.0 has been here since Web 1.0.

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